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Understanding Alloy Wheel Damage

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Common Causes of Alloy Wheel Damage Include:

Impact damage: Hitting potholes, curbs, or other road obstacles can forcefully impact the wheel, causing it to bend or buckle. This mainly occurs at higher speeds and will usually impact the wheels immediately

Improper mounting or dismounting: Improper tire mounting or dismounting techniques can put undue stress on the wheel, leading to deformation. This is very uncommon on OEM wheels and is mostly found in situations where improper equipment is used to mount or dismount tyres.

Uneven wear and tear: Over time, uneven tyre wear can cause the wheel to become unbalanced, leading to vibrations and eventually bending or buckling. Unbalanced wheels will also cause impaired handling. This can make the vehicle more difficult to control and increase the risk of an accident especially when hitting hazards such as potholes or speed humps.

The use of run-flat, low-profile tyres: Low-profile run-flat tires, with their thinner sidewalls, provide less cushion between the road and the wheel. This reduced cushioning makes the wheels more susceptible to impact damage, especially from potholes, curbs, and other road irregularities.

JR Alloy Wheel Repair
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Dean StimpsonDean Stimpson
22:10 16 Nov 23
Johnny made me very welcome and spent time going through the colours and finish along with diamond cutting etc. All staff are friendly and my experience was excellent! I can’t recommend these guys enough!!
Dawid LoordoDawid Loordo
17:55 15 Nov 23
Superb service, outstanding costumer service, super quick and convenient ! Thanks guys ! Well done !
Euler EulerEuler Euler
17:29 15 Nov 23
JR services are the best of UK. ☆☆☆☆☆ 👍🏻Thank you folks.
Richard KTRichard KT
13:35 15 Nov 23
Great service from enquiry on line to getting a call from the lovely receptionist with a great quote, lower than I expected. Got an appointment to have the wheels removed and replaced with runarounds, 3 days later the wheels were fixed and fitted. I cannot praise these guys enough. Great Job.
Kiran GrewalKiran Grewal
15:22 11 Nov 23
Wheels were curbed and started corroding.... stefania was very helpful with all my queries, if she didnt no the answer she would ask one of the team rather the blag the answer, she also advised me of all the cost involved including the extra charges for buckled wheels and if they need welding which alot of other places didnt tell me about when I was looking at quotes. Ended up getting my brake calipers done as well and as you can see from the photos amazing job!
Tania HerloTania Herlo
22:21 04 Aug 23
JR Auto Centre has exceeded my expectations. I dropped off my rims for reconditioning and they were ready for pickup with 2days. What I loved the most about them was that they OFFER LOAN WHEELS and kept me updated throughout the reconditioning process. These guys work so hard and are soo good that I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are without a doubt the best and most competitive on the M25. Congratulations to Johnny and his great team 👏
Frederick FisonFrederick Fison
15:13 24 Jul 23
My wheels were painted black and in a terrible state when I bought the car, they made my otherwise clean X5 look battered. JR were very professional. I was welcomed and shown colour swabs and examples of other wheels. It took only 2 days and I was given replacement wheels whilst they had mine. Great price and really happy with the outcome. Thanks JR
Muhammad ZaffarMuhammad Zaffar
17:57 06 Jul 23
I went online and dealt with them regarding a product. Their customer service was absolutely stunning. I was dealt in a calm, polite and friendly manner. Especially the two, Johnny and Elizabella. All the other staff was also very friendly. The workplace is also clean and tidy. After this, I repaired again four wheels the second day. The price is also fantastic. I will definitely recommend to everyone to shop alloys from this amazing company. Definitely worth the value.

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Identifying Bent
Alloy Wheels

Visual Inspection

Examine the wheel closely: Look for any visible signs of damage, such as dents, cracks, or scratches. Bent alloy wheels may appear warped or have uneven surfaces.

Check the tire bead: Inspect the area where the tire meets the rim, looking for any signs of unevenness or separation.

Inspect the wheel hub: Check for any damage or distortion around the hub, where the wheel mounts to the axle.

Phisical Assessment

Spin the wheel: Rotate the wheel slowly while observing its movement. A bent alloy wheel may wobble or appear to be out of balance.

Use a flathead screwdriver: Place a flathead screwdriver against the lip of the wheel and slowly rotate the wheel. If the screwdriver touches the wheel at uneven intervals, it indicates a bent alloy wheel.

Check for tire rub: Inspect the tire’s sidewall for signs of rubbing against the fender or suspension components. This could indicate a bent alloy wheel that is causing the tire to misalign.

Driving Observations

Here is where you can spot the most common signs of bent or buckled wheels and this may include:

Vibrations: Pay attention to any vibrations felt in the steering wheel, seat, or throughout the vehicle. Vibrations are a common symptom of bent alloy wheels. Vibrations in the steering wheel or throughout the vehicle at certain speeds may indicate a bent alloy wheel.

Pulling or drifting: If the vehicle tends to pull to one side while driving, it could indicate a bent alloy wheel affecting the vehicle’s balance. Similarly, this could indicate a wheel that requires balancing or wheel straightening.

Uneven tire wear: Check for uneven wear on the tires, especially if it is concentrated on one side. Excessive wear on one side or patchy tyre wear could indicate a bent alloy wheel.

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How Are Alloy Wheels Straightened?

Alloy wheel straightening is a specialized process that involves restoring the damaged wheel to its original shape and structural integrity. The process typically involves the following steps:

Inspection and assessment

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the wheel to determine the extent and location of the damage. This process is done visually as well as with the use of equipment and machinery. Most times identifying bent alloy wheels or buckled alloy wheels is done without the need to remove the tyre from the wheel.


Wheel removal

The damaged wheel is carefully removed from the vehicle to allow for proper access, inspection and manipulation. At times, we could also replace the suspected buckled wheel with a replacement wheel allowing for proper driving comparison and inspection.


Wheel heating

If wheel straightening is required, the process commences with the wheel being heated to a specific temperature to soften the alloy, allowing for easier manipulation without compromising its structural integrity.


Hydraulic straightening

Specialized hydraulic equipment is used to precisely apply pressure to the damaged areas, gradually bending the wheel back into its original shape. The wheel is tested regularly during this process to ensure the alloy wheel flat spot is removed and the buckled wheel has regained its original shape.


Cooling and curing

The wheel is allowed to cool naturally, ensuring that the alloy retains its new shape.



This process can be skipped if the wheel is with us for wheel straightening only. The alloy wheel is refinished to restore its original appearance and protect it from further damage.



The repaired and refinished wheel is rebalanced to ensure proper weight distribution and smooth vehicle operation. This is also the final verification stage when we ensure the alloy wheel is straight and free of any buckles


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When choosing an alloy wheel straightening service, it is crucial to consider the expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness of the provider.

Expertise: When entrusting your alloy wheels to JR Alloy Wheel Repair, you are in good hands. Our technicians possess the necessary expertise and skills to handle the job effectively. We have straightened over 2000 wheels so far made from various materials, of different sizes and shapes. We possess the right alloy wheel repair and straightening procedures, particularly those involving different types of damage, such as scratches, scuffs, dents, and corrosion. Our expertise encompasses not only the technical aspects of the repair but also the understanding of alloy wheel construction and the various materials used in their manufacturing.

Experience: At JR Alloy Wheel Repair, our experience is a valuable indicator of a service provider’s proficiency in alloy wheel refurbishment. We have a proven track record of successfully repairing damaged alloy wheels and our experience is backed by our 5* reviews. This experience demonstrates our ability to consistently deliver Alloy Wheel Straightening quality results and handle a wide range of repair scenarios. Take a look at our long history of providing amazing results to satisfied customers. This is a testament to our expertise and commitment to alloy wheel straightening quality.

Trustworthiness: Customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the trustworthiness of an alloy wheel refurbishment service. Read through our customer feedback to gauge their satisfaction levels and the quality of the service they received. This will undoubtedly speak for our professionalism and the capabilities of our alloy wheel straightening technicians.

By considering these factors you can make an informed decision when choosing an alloy wheel straightening service, ensuring that your alloy wheels are handled with the utmost care and expertise.

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