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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just purchased a new car or have been an owner for a relatively long time, there are high chances that professional vehicle detailing is a mystery to you.

You’d perhaps be thinking, “what exactly are car detailing services?” and “what does it entail?”.

Put simply, vehicle detailing is a process that repairs your car’s paint and overall appearance and lifespan by removing visible defects like swirl marks and scratches. It’s a service that restores your vehicle to its original glossy, reflective finish!

Sure, it requires technical expertise and specialised supplies and equipment but fortunately, the process increases your vehicle’s value while offering other benefits.

In this blog, our experts at JR Wheels have put together the four major benefits of vehicle detailing and how that can help you and your car in the long run!

Four Advantages of Vehicle Detailing

1. Gets Rid of Contaminants That Can Cause Damage to Your Car

When it comes to automatic car washes, the process simply cleans your vehicle from the outside and dries it using a rotating mop made of plastic or synthetic nylon. 

However, what the process doesn’t entail is removing any harmful substances that are present on your vehicle’s paint.

These surface contaminants like tar and sap tend to cling to your car’s clear coat layer and end up damaging them, exposing the coloured base-coat.

On the other hand, the process of automotive detailing uses a clay bar to get rid of these contaminants. Ultimately, it restores the original smooth and glossy finish of your car’s coat, making it one of the best benefits of vehicle detailing.

To find out more about this service, contact our team today!

2. Corrects Swirl Marks and Scratches On the Vehicle

More often than not, swirl marks and scratches can also ruin the shine of your car’s immaculate coat.

These pesky blemishes usually develop due to express car washes and wrong use of buffers. Not only are they extremely frustrating for the car owner but can also impact the resale value of your vehicle.

Having said that, with the help of car detailing, you can make these issues a worry of the past!

At JR Wheels, our professional technicians leverage the best paint polish and orbital polisher to get rid of these imperfections and reinstate the perfect glossy appearance of your car, as per the factory standard.

Give this article a read to understand how you can keep your car away from swirls and scratches.

3. Protects Your Car’s Paint and Keeps It At the Right Level

One of the major benefits of vehicle detailing is that it not only cleans and polishes your car, but also shields its paint with the right level of protection.

For this process, the common solution is carnauba-based wax which lasts for nearly 3 months. You could also go for a paint sealant, if you’re looking for an intermediate option that fills most of the blemishes and lasts for up to 6 to 12 months.

However, the best option for you as a car owner is to go with ceramic coating as it lasts for around two years.

What’s more, it also forms a thick layer on top of the existing coat and protects it from various environmental substances.

If you’re looking for car detailing near you, then JR Wheels is the perfect place.

Our service is created to maximise the overall protection of your car’s coat and is carried out by expertly trained and certified professionals. This means, by choosing us, you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands!

4. Extends the Lifespan of Your Car’s Interior

Yet another benefit of automotive detailing is that it offers the same amount of attention and protection to the interiors of your car.

Simply put, the process helps you extract water stains and embedded pet hair from the fabric of the seat. Moreover, similar to how you put lotion on your skin to protect it, vehicle detailing ensures that the interior of your car is both cleaned and conditioned.

This not only provides an added protection but also helps prevent cracks and other kinds of damages in the future.

If you’re ready to get your car back to its original state, get in touch with us by filling out this form or drop us a line at

To Conclude

By going through these important steps, your car can reap a lot of benefits from vehicle detailing.

Not only will the process make the vehicle look appealing, but also add extra layers of protection to improve its resale value – irrespective of whether you plan to resell it or not!

Get In Touch With Us for Professional Vehicle Detailing Services

At JR Wheels, our vehicle detailing services are conducted by highly skilled experts and technicians, meaning your car is in the right hands.

Leveraging multiple specialised supplies and equipment, our team ensures that your detail is up to the factory standard – right from the roof of your car down to its tyres!

Visit our website or give us a call to find out more about our available services, ranging from car detailing and de-chroming to brake caliper painting.

By choosing us as your service provider, you’re sure to reap the maximum benefits of vehicle detailing while increasing the overall lifespan and value of your car.

Request a call back and book your first car detail appointment today!

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