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JR Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Welding - Swiss Cottage NW3: Expert Alloy Wheel Repair Services

Alloy Wheel Welding!

Swiss Cottage NW3 Premier Alloy Wheel Welding

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Alloy Wheel Welding!

Your Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Experts, Swiss Cottage NW3

Cracked Alloys? No Problem! Our Precise Techniques Breathe New Life into Your Rims:

Hairline fractures, radial ruptures, or circumferential cracks? We’ve seen it all, and our laser-focused welding techniques conquer them all.

Invisible seams, flawless finishes. Our meticulous approach ensures your repairs stay hidden, leaving your wheels looking like they rolled straight off the showroom floor.

Strength redefined. Don’t settle for flimsy fixes. Our welds restore your wheels’ original structural integrity, guaranteeing safe and confident driving.


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Beyond Cosmetic Fixes:

Structural Integrity Regained With Professional Alloy Welding

Don’t be fooled by quick fixes. A crack isn’t just a blemish; it’s a safety hazard. Our professional welding restores your wheels’ structural integrity, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

Performance reborn. Cracked wheels compromise handling and braking. Our welds make your wheels strong and true again, delivering optimal performance for a smooth and controlled ride.

Invest in safety, invest in your wheels. Welding is the cost-effective way to regain structural integrity and extend the life of your original wheels, providing long-lasting value.


Say Goodbye to Replacements, Embrace Affordability

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Wheels Worn?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Alloy Wheel Welding, Swiss Cottage NW3

What types of cracks can you repair?

We can repair a wide range of cracks, including hairline fractures, radial cracks, circumferential cracks, and even structural breaks. However, we’ll always assess the damage to determine if welding is the best solution.

How long does the welding process typically take?

The time depends on the complexity of the crack but most welds are fixed within one hour.

Can you weld non-standard or customized wheels?

Yes, we have experience working with a variety of wheel types, including non-standard and customized wheels. We’ll assess your wheels to ensure they are suitable for welding.

Is welding cheaper than replacing the wheel?

In most cases, yes! Welding is a cost-effective solution that restores your original wheels, saving you money compared to buying replacements. Additionally, welding is more environmentally friendly as it reduces waste and resource consumption.

What materials and techniques do you use for welding?

We use state-of-the-art TIG Welding technology to ensure the strength and integrity of your repairs. We also use high-quality magnesium for long-lasting results.

Do your welds affect the wheel's balance or performance?

No, our skilled technicians ensure that your wheels are perfectly balanced and aligned after the welding process. You can expect smooth and safe driving as usual.

Is it safe to drive on a welded wheel?

Absolutely! Our welds are strong and durable, restoring the structural integrity of your wheels. We only use safe and reliable techniques that meet the highest industry standards.

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